love & language

make life rich


love & language

make life rich

love & language

make life rich

The people and projects of Chatter Matters Tasmania transform individual communication skills and community awareness of communication. These both contribute to building safe and resilient communities based upon shared language, literacy and positive relatedness – the foundations of human wholeness.

Communication – spoken, written and all other means – is a basic human right. It is the ability to share one’s mind. It is the voice in ‘having a voice’. The freedom in ‘freedom of speech’. It is the window to the worlds of education, employment, citizenship and flourishing.


We know and share its mechanisms.

Chatter Matters and Island magazine

Chatter Matters and Island magazine, one of Australia’s leading literature journals, are celebrating their two-year partnership with this special – and free – collection of seven essays, written by individuals who have successfully come through an adult literacy program implemented or championed by Chatter Matters. The stories and insights are wonderful. Read on…

Our Projects

Talking Communication with Helen Shield

Communication, criminology, neuroplasticity… and interesting snippets of speech pathology, wellbeing, learning and social justice.

Just Time: Circle of Security Parent DVD®

The Just Time project is about how the bond of love and positive emotion forms the basis of secure attachment between a parent and a child.

Island Magazine

Island magazine and Chatter Matters partnered in early 2015 to raise awareness of the lived-experiences of those who have not been able to learn to read easily.

Tasmanian Australian of the Year 2017

We are so honoured for our founder Rosie Martin to have been named Tasmanian Australian of the Year for 2017 from amongst a wonderful group of Tasmanian finalists.

We are thrilled about the incredible opportunity this honour provides in directing some public attention towards the important work of our prison literacy project Just Sentences, and the role that speech pathology has in justice and social equity.

Together we can make a significant difference through literacy

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